Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bali Transit

We arrived in Bali yesterday afternoon. Bali is our transit point to East Timor which only has one flight a day going there from here. We also chose Bali to do our orientation, as the members of the delegation are from across the BC/Yukon region. We met up with Jess and Fiona who have been traveling around and meeting with partners in Indonesia for over the past week. They had a lot of tall stories to tell us about the fish they caught in one of the communities.

The group had the moring off this morning to play tourist while Jess, Fiona and I went to see about the tickets for our flight to Dili. There were a few problems with the tickets, but they were corrected within two hours. This gave the three of us a couple hours for lunch and to do some shopping for things we had forgot before headding back to our hotel to do the orientation for East Timor.

Tomorrow morning we depart early for Dili in East Timor. Jess tells me we are to expect the media to be there to greet us at the airport with our partners. After the fish stories, I am not sure to believe him. Nonetheless, we all know that this trip to East Timor is not just important for us but also a very important historical moment for our partners. It is a chance for us all to live the solidarity in person that we often talk about.


PS: The fish story was a fish story of my own making.

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