Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introductions anyone?

On February 21st, members from the BC/Yukon Region of DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE are traveling to East Timor as part of a 12 person delegation. The delegation consisting of Roberta and Dale Dodge, Mary and Paul Doyle, John Gabor, Rev Rolf Hasenack, O.P., Dorothy and Dick Mynen, Gerhild Neugebauer, Linda Olaksew, Fiona Connelly and Jess Agustin. During the stay in East Timor the group will be meeting with the organizations DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has been supporting in the country since East Timor sought its independence in 1999.

As the world’s newest country, East Timor is emerging from over 425 years as a Portuguese colony, followed by 25 years of Indonesian occupation and rule. The path to independence has taken a severe toll on the people of this tiny nation of 900,000. During the recent 25 years of occupation, it is estimated that over 180,000 people were killed; many more were victimized and suffered dire hardship.

DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE played a role in the transition leading to East Timor’s independence following the arrival of the United Nations in September 1999 to temporarily govern the country after the withdrawal of Indonesia. DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE was one of the first non government organizations (NGO) in East Timor, supporting a variety of programs ranging from capacity building, human rights promotion and strengthening civil society organizations.

Okay, were almost ready, ... I think...


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