Thursday, March 4, 2010

Animals in Dili

When we told our friends that we were going on this trip Solidarity Tour, many commented on the dangers and possible violence. However, we have been walking in Dili every day feeling very safe. Some have been jogging along the sea shore enjoying the views and the markets. Everywhere we have encountered friendly people. Everyone greets us with “bondia”. Animals are always a good indicator on how friendly a society can be, and for the animal lovers, there is an abundance of dogs and cats everywhere. None are viscous and we’ve been told that all have owners though are allowed to run freely. Beside dogs and cats, pigs, chickens and goats are a common site in Dili especially around the market stalls by the beach. It is a different world here but very pleasant and friendly.

We are very impressed at how well the animals are treated here and that same compassion is evident when we meet with our partners. This gives us tremendous optimism for the future of this country.

We are having a wonderful time and want our friends to know we are all very safe here. We thank God that we have will have another week before we have to leave.

Gerhild and Linda

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