Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two Roads Diverge

Today I saw two road crews working on different sections of a road which we drove on high up into the mountains. When I say road, you have to think of the logging roads in BC or the back roads of the prairies, then imagine that road with twelve years of neglect and in the rainy season!!! Both crews were trying to make a difference. Both crews had about six men. Both crews worked in the mud with only flip flops or bare feet, and bare hands. Here is the contrast, one crew had wire cages they were filling with rocks that had been brought there by a dump truck, the other crew worked with their own picks and shovels.
One crew was being paid by the government; the other crew was not and were stopping people as they passed, asking for money!! It leaves one wondering if maybe the frustration of a crumbling infrastructure or the slow movement of the services that are not getting out to the people who need it, is what caused the other crew of men to take their action and stop the public to ask for money. Or maybe they were just out to make a buck…. But let me tell you, I could find an easier way to make a buck.


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